Make sense of Web3.

Web3 is a fast-moving industry with plenty going on. The trouble isn’t with keeping up with it all, but making sense of it all. This newsletter aims to inform you of the macro trends as they occur in the Web3 space through the micro events happening every week.

Who am I?

I’m Kerman and I’ve been making and shipping products for over a decade. I sold my first company at the age of 20 after it received millions of users globally. My second venture was in the DeFi space and raised venture money although didn’t work out. Apart from launching ventures, I’ve also worked in many venture funded companies that have raised tens of millions of dollars from top investors. Such experiences have been valuable in knowing the execution risks of launching products at scale.

This newsletter synthesises my unique learnings from being an entrepreneur, maker and engineer for the community of people wanting an edge in DeFi. Many takes, cynical or optimistic, are derived from experiences I’ve had or seen in the industry.

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