Is Civic (CVC) still a thing at all?

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Hey Kerman! Thanks a lot for the cool article covering digital identity landscape. I want to share one more project from this space.

Soulbonds is building continuously updating (dynamic) soulbound NFTs reflecting on-chain activity (skills, reputation). With Soulbonds, users can construct, customize and upgrade an NFT. Thanks to DegenScore we are supporting over 250+ on-chain actions (Defi, NFTs, donations, rug puls, hacks, governance voting, and notable historical crypto events).

Our team is building new features and utilizing uncommon mechanics:

- Dynamic NFTs. The process of getting and upgrading traits

- Sanctuary. NFTs customization place

- Leaderboard. Tool to rank users based on on-chain achievements and incentivize them to discover Ethereum ecosystem.

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https://web3nav.io/nav/projects?cid=298 ,This website list all project mentioned in the article, easy to find info about projects

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With all these services we can guarantee authenticity and cryptographic provability of data (consistency, inalterability, immutability). But how can we guarantee the validity of the data??? If X is written on the blockchain, then I can be sure that this is what was written there. But why exactly X? Who wrote this? Who gave him authority? Who audited it? What is the authority supply chain? What is the chain of supervision and enforcement if X is really not X? What is the historical reputation of the person who wrote X? Web3 projects based on cryptographic authenticity that are not confirmed by behavioral veracity, truthfulness of statements and good faith of intentions — are not viable. We still need to strike a balance of trust. But we have found a way to solve this problem. We are creating a blockchain platform for analyzing the reliability of information and assessing the reputation of its authors. It will become the basis for new algorithms of web crawling, ranking information in social networks and filtering of fakes. Our project cyberpravda.com will allow to explore alternative points of view, compare "whose truth is greater", earn an expert reputation and understand who can be trusted.


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