Sitemap - 2023 - Kerman Kohli

Understanding Crypto VCs & Hedge Funds

Blurred Incentives

Farcaster: An Example of Permissionless Identity

Welcome to the $10T Bull Market

Follow the (fake) Data

Crypto's Biggest Use Case: Permissionless Identity.

Kanban for Your Thoughts

The Next Major Crypto Narrative

Thoughts on CAC, LTV, Fees and Metrics

Building an On-Chain DAO Framework w/Shreyas from Llama

Thinking of Companies in Human Years

Running an On-Chain RWA Business with Sidney Powell (Maple Finance)

Reflections on Taking ARCx Private

[Video] How Account Abstraction Works

The Value of Governance Tokens with Jeff Dorman from Arca

ARCx Analytics v5

The Invisible Wall Between Projects and Users

[Video] What is GMX and how does it work (GLP included)?

Why you need a Morning Phone

[Video] What is ve(3, 3) and how does it work?

Pt 1: Understanding $OP Liquidity Incentives

Executing a DeFi Merger (mStable & dHedge)

Users, Analytics and Privacy

LooksRare's $16,569/user Acquisition Campaign (+LTV Calculations)

Crypto Startup Growth: Building a Product Operations Machine

The 4 Problems of Airdrops

Crypto Startup Growth: BD, Conferences & Community Building

The Rise of "Web3 Growth"

The Next Frontier of LLMs

Arbitrum's $2,175/user Acquisition Campaign.

Value Denomination and Stablecoins

Lifetime Value for Crypto Businesses

Thoughts on Hustle Culture

The Path Forward

Value Capture, AI and Crypto

AI Round-Up: February 2023

MakerDAO Fights Back, Lido’s New v2 Protocol, a16z and Uniswap Voting

Ideas to Explore: February 2023

Idea to exploit: “AI and Crypto are on the same side of the future”

“Users”: The most ill-defined word in crypto

Crypto Chaos Matrix, TempleDAO SubDAO Token Model, Ondo Finance & On-Chain Bonds

Defensible vs Commodity Infrastructure

Understanding Retention in Crypto

Ideas to explore — January 2023.

L1 Experimentation, Reflections on DeFi 2.0, Web3 Social Critique

Building the meta of the meta

ARCx Analytics (beta)

Your Second Brain — Coming Soon.

A Forming View on Solana

Opportunity Markets, not Bear Markets.